·         Waterproof for outdoor use

·         ANSI and EU mortise available 

·         Suitable for houses, hotels, offices, industry

·         Anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering

·         CE, FCC and NB IoT certified

·         Stainless steel panels and handles

·         Licenced for use on the global NB IoT network

·         No external wiring, easy installation

·         Metal Key overide (included 2 metal keys)

·         Battery status notifications

·         No onsite infrastructure required

·         NFC included for NFC card/NFC token use (use our digital keys app (Android 5.0 and above) to write to NFC cards/tokens - 2 NFC cards included per lock purchase)

·         Remote unlock over NB IoT network with our FREE digital keys smart phone app and Digital Keys Management Platform (POA)

·         NFC unlock with digital keys app (select Android phones 5.0 and above, with NFC in the phones).

·         2 Year Warranty

Unlock via smartphone app with NB IoT and NFC

You can unlock over NB IoT network (great for visitors). Alternatively you can unlock locally via NFC with Android phones (great for regular users) We also use the NB IoT network to program the locks to work with NFC.

Unlock via NFC Tokens such as keycards/fobs

You can use the digital keys app to copy digital keys to NFC keycards/tokens such as fobs, stickers or even rings, so that you can use our system like a typical hotel or office keycard system.

Unlock remotely via management software 

Log in to the cloud-based Digital Keys Management Software from anywhere in the world where you have internet access, and unlock any of your locks anytime over the NB IoT network by hitting one button in the software.

Unlock with metal key over-ride

All of our NB IoT smart locks come with a metal key over-ride in case of emergency. You should never have to worry about using your metal key, but we suggest for piece of mind, that you make your typical spare key lockout arrangement just in case.

Unlock with Type-C emergency interface

  You can power supply via type-C interface by Power Bank OR smart phone to unlock